AJ Govoni

Holistic Movement


holistic movement.

Yoga Teacher| Creative |  Holistic Fitness Trainer

Finding happiness in movement and connection, AJ is an international yoga teacher and holistic fitness trainer. She has been guiding people through exercise and well-being for over a decade. A Co-Founder and Creator of Wild Vibes: Yoga, Music, & Arts Festival and retreat company, and a Founder of Girl Be Fit, AJ is really passionate about bringing people together through unique and uplifting experiences.  She facilitates and leads wellness and community based events, programs, and retreats.

AJ has spent the last several years living, exploring, and learning in diverse places and cultures throughout the world. Her experience, and studies in various modalities and time spent in different communities are the source of inspiration and contribution to both her teaching and lifestyle.

She has brought yoga and fitness into the lives of action sport athletes--including pro snowboarders, surfers, and collegiate teams; into the workplace, for children, and has taught for international brands and national events. She regularly partners with local businesses and members of the community to offer yoga classes in a unique and social space. AJ is known and loved for the all-inclusive challenge, the intention, and the support she brings.

Passionate about all things creative, her community, and making a positive mark, AJ has represented a number of brands as an athlete brand ambassador. She continuously shares her love for holistic wellness through other avenues in writing, brand collaboration, creative marketing, and event organization. Her writings, workouts, and modeling have been featured in major national and international magazines, online publications, and brand campaigns.  


She hopes to spark within, a sense of self compassion and connection, and always weaves in a lot of heart, funk, and feel-good vibes into her classes.