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Workout ≫≫ Total Body // Outdoor Workout

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How it works: You can do this workout two or three times a week on alternate days. Make sure you warm up and add in some dynamic stretching before you begin! Complete all the exercises in a set once, then rest for a minute, then repeat for a total of three rounds. Go for a three minute run, then move on to set two, then set three. Finish with some stretching!

Set 1
Steep Mountain Climbers; 30 seconds
Start in plank position with shoulders directly above wrists. Step your right foot to the outside of your right hand, like a lizard lunge, with back knee lifted off the ground. Press down hard through the palms as you jump and lift your hips up toward the sky and switch legs so that now your left foot lands on the outside of the left hand. Keep alternating as fast as you can.

Total Body Outdoor Workout with AJ Govoni


Rock Knee Drives; 20 reps each side
Find a rock or park bench. Step your right foot on the bench or rock, making sure that the entire foot is planted on it. Right knee should be bent. Start on the ball of the left foot and bend the left knee. Press through the right heel firmly and lift the left foot off the ground so that you are standing completely on your right foot. Simultaneously, drive the left knee forward up toward your chest. Really power it forward like a knee strike. Return left foot back on the ground and immediately go into a lunge and repeat for the given amount of reps and then change sides.

Sea Turtles; 15 reps
Come on to your stomach and extend arms straight overhead, legs straight behind you. Lift legs and arms off the ground (imagine as if you are pulling something down from overhead and begin to bend your elbows and take your legs out wide). Return back to center and then lower down to starting position and repeat.

Set 2
Burpee Plank Jack; 30 seconds
Start standing with feet hip-width distance apart. Bend your knees and plant your hands down on the ground between your feet. Jump your feet back to a high plank position. Then jump your feet out wide and then back together (as if doing a jumping jack in plank) Jump your feet forward towards your hands and then jump your feet all the way off the ground, go right back at it until 30 seconds is up!

Single Leg Touchdown; 15 reps each side
Start standing. Place all of your weight into your left leg as you bring the left leg to a slight bend. Extend your right arm out in front of you at shoulder height and your left arm out to your side at shoulder height. Begin to hinge forward from the hips as you lower the torso into a ‘T’ position, lifting your right leg off the ground and extending it behind you to balance on just your left leg. Begin to lift the body back up and pull your right knee forward up towards the chest, without lowering the right leg down, go right into the next rep and repeat for given number of reps and then change sides.

Criss-Cross Push Up & T; 5-8 reps each side
Start in the top of a push-up position. Take your right leg and cross it under your left leg. Do a push up in this position and then extend your left arm up to a ‘T’ – side plank, so that shoulders are stacked and hips are stacked. Lower the left arm back down back to a push up and repeat for given number of reps and then change sides.

Set 3
Starfish Abs; 15 reps
Come onto your back and make a big ‘X’ position with your body, so your feet out wider than hip width distance and arms out wider than shoulder width distance apart. As you exhale, lift arms and legs off the ground, bend your knees and pull them into your chest as your arms swoop around and grab your knees like curling up into a ball. The goal is to try to sit all the way up onto your butt. Then extend everything back out, for an added challenge, don’t rest arms or legs on the ground and go right into the next rep.

Plank Saws; 15 reps

Come into plank on your forearms, shoulders directly above elbows, engage inner thighs and pull belly button up towards spine. Shift your weight forward so that your shoulders are in front of your elbows and then shift your weight back. Essentially, your body will look like a human saw. Repeat for given amount of reps.

Extended Side Crunch; 15 reps each side

Come onto your side, on your right forearm, with elbow directly under shoulder. Rest on your right butt cheek and bring your legs forward to about a 45 degree angle in front of you. Take your left hand behind your head. Lift your legs off the ground as you ‘crunch’ your left elbow down towards your legs, as your legs reach up toward your elbow. Repeat for given amount of reps and then change sides.

Workout ≫≫ Rev it Up // 30 Minutes

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As humans, we all have an internal “engine.” That engine is comprised of three different energy systems which provide us with the necessary fuel to perform physical activities.

These systems are 1) The Phosphagen System (super short, quick energy, explosive activity: think powerlifting) 2) The Glycolytic system (used for the short, but moderate to high intense activities) and 3) The Oxidative or Aerobic system (in it for the long haul type of activity). Determining which of these systems gets called into action depends on the type, the level of intensity and the duration of the activity.

Simply put, to effectively burn fat, build muscle, and become a stronger, more productive athlete, we really need to consistently activate all of these energy systems.

Sometimes we get into a workout rut or stick to one type of activity without variation, this results in one or more of our energy systems being underutilized. When this happens we begin to see less progress as our muscles and energy levels adapt to the familiar routine.

The key message here is variety, particularly if you’re trying to achieve a healthy, well-balanced and athletic body.

The workout below will help improve endurance, strength and power all in under 30 minutes!

REV it up in under 30 minutes!

Here’s how it works.

Start with a 5-10 minute dynamic warm-up

Step 1: For 1 minute you’ll complete a plyometric exercise (a “jump” move going from a muscle extension to acontraction in an “explosive” way)

Step 2: Next comes the resistance training for 10 minutes. Choose 3-4 exercises, based on your specific goals. Do 10 reps of each, move onto the next and repeat until the 8 minutes is up (should put you at 2-3 sets). At this point, your body may be craving to go into fat burning mode so after a brief rest, you’ll fire right into

Step 3: 10 minutes of cardio time. Chose your activity and cruise along at steady moderate pace, or add in a few intervals for 10 minutes.

Step 4: Time for one last explosive exercise, plyometrics round 2!

REV IT UP! Workout in under 30 minutes!

Example workout:

Begin with a 5-10 minute dynamic warm-up then:

Plyometrics: Burpees! 1 minute

Rest: 30 seconds to 1 Minute

Strength Exercise 1: Push Ups: 10 Reps

Strength Exercise 2: Squats: 10 Reps

Strength Exercise 3: Bent Over Rows: 10 Reps

Strength Exercise 4: Reverse Lunges: 10 Reps each leg

Repeat strength exercises 1-4 until 10 minutes is up

Rest: 1 Minute

Cardio: 10 Minutes

options include:

* 10 minute run, bike or incline walk, add in 30 seconds of “sprints” every two minutes!

* Alternate between 1 minute jogging, 1 minute jumping jacks, 1 minute, jump rope, 1 minute, skips, 1 minute shuffles, repeat until 10 minutes is up

Rest: 1 Minute

Plyometrics: Burpees! 1 minute

End with a cool down and stretch!

Go give it a shot!