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Workout ≫≫ Total Body // 25 Minute // Travel Workout

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Here's a total body workout you can do anywhere. I've been incorporating this workout in whenever I can while I'm on the road. It takes just 25 minutes and requires no equipment!

Total Body 25 Minute Travel Workout

How it works: Complete the exercises in set #1 for the given amount of reps. Repeat the set for  as many rounds as possible in ten minutes. Then move onto set #2 and do the same. You'll finish with a five minute core focus. 

The Workout:

SET #1: AMRAP: 10 Minutes
1) Burpees with a push-up: 5 Reps
Start standing, feet hip width distance apart. Place hands on the ground and jump back into a plank. Do a push-up. Jump feet back towards hands then jump up from a squat and repeat. 
2) Reverse Lunge Kicks: 8 Reps Each Side
Step back with your right leg to perform a reverse lunge, from the lunge, kick your right foot forward for a 'front kick,' immediately lower back down into a lunge and repeat for given amount of reps then change sides. 
3) Diamond Push Up with Leg Lifts: 8 Reps
Start in plank position on your hands, place your hands into a diamond shape. With hands in this position, do a push-up. Return to the top of a push-up and lift your right leg up and then your left leg up. Repeat. 
4) Sea Turtles: 8 Reps
Start on your stomach on the floor, legs out straight and arms up straight overhead. Simultaneously lift your arms and legs off the ground. Bend your elbows and draw your elbows towards your ribcage as you abduct your legs away from the midline of the body (in opposite directions). Extend arms and legs back straight to the starting position, then lower back down and repeat. 

SET #2: AMRAP: 10 Minutes
1) In and Out Jump Squats: 10 Reps

Start in a squat, feet hip width distance apart, jump up for a jump squat, and land with feet together, lower down into a squat (feet together), jump up, and land with feet out wide. Keep repeating. 
2) Single Leg Touch Down: 8 Reps Each Side
Start standing on your left leg, slight bend into the knee, weight of the body back into the left heel. With right arm extended up overhead, hinge forward and extend your right leg back behind you as you reach towards the ground with your right hand--maintain a flat back (no rounding of the upper back, your hand may not touch the ground). 
3) Push Ups: 8 Reps
4) Tricep Dips with Opposite Hand and Foot Reach: 8 Reps
Start in reverse table top on the ground (finger tips face in towards your body), Bend elbows for a tricep dip. Straighten arms and lift your right arm and left leg off the ground to try and touch your right hand to your left foot. Lower both back down to the ground and perform another tricep dip, then do the same on the other side. Keep repeating. 

Core Section: 5 Minutes (1 Round)
1) Forearm Plank Hip Twists: 1 Minute

Start in plank position on your forearms, dip your hips to the right and then to the left, keep twisting for one minute
2) Flutter Kicks: 30 Seconds
Lie flat on your back on a mat with your arms by your sides and your palms down. Extend your legs fully out with a slight bend in your knees. Lift your head, neck, and shoulders off the floor. Then lift heels about 6 inches off the floor. Make small, rapid up and down scissor-like motions with your legs. The key is to focus on having your midsection do all the work and to keep your abs constantly contracted throughout the exercise.
3) In and Out: 30 Seconds
From the same position of flutter kicks, inhale and draw knees into your chest, exhale and extend legs out straight to about a 45 degree angle off the ground, keep repeating. 
4) Upper Crunch: 30 Seconds
On your back, extend legs straight up into the air, hands behind your head, exhale and lift head, neck, and shoulders off the ground. Inhale and lower back down, repeat. 
5) Leg Lowers: 30 Seconds
From the starting position of the upper crunch, lower your legs down towards the ground (keeping your back pressed onto the mat), think about extending your heels away from your body as you lower your legs towards the ground, lift legs back up and repeat. 
6) X Cross: 1 Minute
Lie on your back, in an "X" position. Exhale and simultaneously reach your right arm and left leg off the ground towards each other, inhale to lower back down and change sides. Repeat. 
7) Forearm Plank to Dolphin: 1 Minute
From forearm plank, lift hips up to Dolphin pose (upside down 'V') lower back down to forearm plank and repeat. 

Workout ≫≫ Upper Body HIIT // Travel Workout

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pic: Oakley

pic: Oakley

No Equipment Upper Body HIIT Workout

Here's another workout I've done traveling. This one requires no equipment besides a chair/bench, and should take under 40 minutes to complete!

How it works: You'll alternate between HIIT bursts and strength sets. I chose to run for HIIT but can also do plyometric moves if the outdoors/treadmill isn't available, and well, just to change it up! I've given sprint alternatives below!

*HIIT #1: 3 Rounds
1) Run Hard 1 Minute
2) 30 Seconds Recovery
3) Repeat for a Total of 3 Rounds

SET #1: 4 Rounds
1) Push-ups: 10 Reps
2) High Plank with Alternating Opposite Arm & Leg Extension: 10 Reps (5 on each side)

*HIIT #2: 3 Rounds
1) Run Hard 1 Minute
2) 30 Seconds Recovery
3) Repeat for a Total of 3 Rounds

SET #2: 4 Rounds
1) Tricep Push Up to Side Plank (T Rotation): 10 Reps
2) Supermans: 10 Reps

*HIIT #3: 3 Rounds
1) Run Hard 1 Minute
2) 30 Seconds Recovery
3) Repeat for a Total of 3 Rounds

SET #3: 4 Rounds
1) Tricep Dip With Hip Press: 10 Reps
2) Super Planks (high plank to forearm plank): 8 Reps (4 each side)

*HIIT #4: 3 Rounds
1) Run Hard 1 Minute
2) 30 Seconds Recovery
3) Repeat for a Total of 3 Rounds

SET #4: 4 Rounds:
1) Diamond Push Up to Leg Lifts: 8 Reps
2) Reverse Table Top with Opposite Hand and Toe Touch: 10 Reps (5 each side)

*Change up your HIIT:
choose one of the following for each set:

  • mountain climbers

  • chest to floor burpees

  • jump rope

  • skater leaps

  • push up plank jacks

    Example: for HIIT #1: You would do 3 rounds, 1 minute chest to floor burpees. For HIIT #2: 3 rounds of 1 minute jump rope! You choose!